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3 Tips for a Good Recovery

Rest days are underrated, sometimes seen as being ‘lazy’, or overlooked entirely. Sacrificing rest to appear ‘committed’ to something is an age-old travesty.  The truth is that rest and recovery is vital to all aspects of being healthy and any good personal trainer will tell you that it should be as high on your priority […]

Mid-Week Motivation: Five Tips to Keep You Motivated

Losing motivation or finding it difficult to get up for those early workouts is a rut that happens to us all at one point or another. We all have periods where we slip into those “don’t care” mindsets, start eating unhealthy foods again and generally feel like giving up on all the hard work. But […]

Meal Prep Containers - What to Get

Meal Prep Containers – What to Get When it comes to meal prep, and nutrition in general, it’s fair to say that your first thought will be about what you’re going to eat. An often-overlooked yet surprisingly important part of meal prep is what you’re going to store your prepared meals in and how you’re […]

5 Essential Pieces of Gear For Workouts on the Go

We appreciate that many of our clients have busy lifestyles, from business to family commitments. Hence, we are entirely flexible and work to your schedule, to ensure you can still work out and be healthy on a time budget. However, some of you may also want to get a good workout in whilst out of […]

Is it possible to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time?

It’s a common debate in the fitness world; can you build muscle whilst simultaneously losing weight? The claim often goes that you can’t do both at the same time, stating that: In order to lose fat, your body needs to be in a caloric deficit. This means your body will begin to burn existing fat […]