4 New Fitness Gadgets to Re-Kindle your Passion for Exercise

As ‘smart accessories’ continue to grow in popularity, we’ve seen some fantastic additions to the world of fitness tech that can add a whole new level of immersion, tracking and excitement to your exercises. Are you ready to get all James Bond with your workouts?

Let’s take a look at some of the new amazing gadgets that will blow your mind;


Once restricted to the US only, this high-tech bike takes at-home spin sessions to a whole different level. The built-in touch-screen looks more at home in a spaceship than in your front room, and gives you access to a variety of stats about your session (tracking your resistance, output, heartrate and more) as well as live streams to professional spin classes, giving you the feeling of a group workout in the comfort of your own home.  But with a hefty price tag in comparison to traditional bikes or gym memberships (£1,995 for the bike then £39.50 per month), you may want to think about whether a personal training session with real people would be more cost-effective and beneficial!

Zwift Run

Originally bringing some entertainment to your spin sessions, Zwift Run now plops your virtual avatar on digital roads and virtual courses with other fitness enthusiasts around the world. Whether at the gym or at home, all you need is a treadmill and a device that will be able to run the Zwift app. Go for a jog through a jungle or dash around a volcano; an interesting change to your regular morning workouts no doubt. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?


Just when you thought your snazzy running trainers couldn’t get any snazzier, Arion will turn your shoes into hi-tech running machines. With smart insoles, footpad sensors and a nifty app, Arion will keep track of cadence, step length, balance, foot strike, stability and a whole lot more. For anyone looking to take their running technique and form to a different level, Arion could help you take that step up.


Whilst the Nutrifix app isn’t entirely new, there are some new premium features that are quite… in depth. The myDNA Wellness and Nutrition test involves a mouth swab which will then lead to an insight into how your body is responding to food, drink and exercise.  So if you really like to micromanage your nutrition and really tweak your meal plans then it could be of benefit. However, we do will recommend a personal and professional nutrition plan that is not only tailored to your body, but your overall fitness and exercise strategy too.




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