4 Tips For Boosting Your Metabolism

A healthy metabolism will help your body convert the food and drink you consume more efficiently – if you boost your metabolism effectively, you’ll burn more calories even when in a resting state. So with that said, lets take a look at some ways to help give your metabolism that required ‘boost’:

Building Muscle

According to research, increasing your muscle mass will aid in boosting your metabolism when at rest. At Go-FitUK our personal trainers have proven and effective methods for building muscle through a variety of exercises and weight training. Not only that, but they will ensure you are working out in the most efficient and safe way possible, minimising the risk of injury and helping you look and feel at your best.

Add Protein

Protein is essential in any effective nutrition plan when you are looking to boost your metabolism. Include protein with meals and snacks to reduce overindulgence and speed up metabolism. It can be particularly effective when included in your breakfast to give you a kick-start in the morning. Try skipping on those carb-loaded breakfast bites like bagels or toast and have some eggs with sliced tomato or a few leaves of spinach.

In general we advise eating a palm-sized portion of protein of some kind like lean meat, fish, eggs, pumpkin, hemp or chia seeds. If you are vegetarian or vegan we would suggest you include a moderate amount of fermented soy foods such as tempeh, but no more than 50g per day. Please note while we agree certain soy foods eaten in moderation can be a healthy addition to your diet, women who eat soy at every meal or even every day may be putting their health at risk.  Soy has its good points but too many soy phytoestrogens do have an oestrogenic effect.

High Intensity

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is great for burning calories if you do it effectively. What’s great is that even after your HIIT session you’ll be burning fat for up to 48 hours thanks to EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). You can complete your HIIT workout in about 30 minutes or less, allowing for flexibility during your busy personal schedule. High Intensity Interval Training can be modified and scaled for different fitness levels and medical conditions. It can include a variety of workouts such as bodyweight exercises, cycling, swimming, walking, running and much more.

Get Your Sleep

Yes, we’re going to say it again! A good night’s sleep will help boost your metabolism. But not only that, if you get a good night’s rest you will be far more likely to get up and be motivated for your morning workout routine and have more energy to keep on moving throughout the day.  If you find it difficult to get to sleep early enough, try making sure your room is dark enough, cool enough and gradually make your bed time 10 minutes earlier each night. Having a “wind down” routine will also help get your brain ready for sleep; whether it be some hot tea, meditation or getting comfortable with a good book.

Stoke The Burn

All of the above tips will help to give your metabolism a kick-start, but it’s important to keep that efficiency going with an effective and structured workout and nutrition schedule!

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