The Anatomy of a 30 Day Transformation

Are you struggling to lose weight, tone up,  regain your fitness or benefit from real results?

Is the thought of dropping a dress size or two well outside your collective thoughts and current belief system? More importantly, is it sustainable?

Just 30 days you say…

Today I want to walk you through the process and procedures for truly transformational change with our 30 day transformation plan.

Timeframe: 30 days or less.

Our lovely Anna below had just one goal in mind, to fit in her bridesmaid dress for her best friends wedding. She had 30 days to change, not only body but her mind and eating habits also.

That’s when she approached the personal trainers here at Go-Fit UK, and as such we accepted her challenge.

Stage 1*

Current circumstance and specific planning/goal setting.

It is imperative that you understand your current situation and circumstances. We must highlight the habitual traits and negative lifestyle choices. From here we create solutions to the above and formulate an accountability structure that will form the initial outlay to your coaching and for your 30 days ahead.

Your mind is EVERYTHING

Now rather than just saying I want to lose a few pounds or tone a little here and tone a little there, we need to be specific. Crystal clear.

As a whole, what are you looking to achieve? Be exact and have complete clarity in your vision.

Dress size?








Be REALLY specific. No flim flam!

Once you have your goals, timeframe and clear specifics you now reverse engineer the entire process.

For example:

If you want to lose “X” amount in “X” amount of time. Then what needs to happen and how much do you need to lose weekly to achieve this goal?

Once you have the specifics, you can now define clear and specific WEEKLY goals.

For example, if your goals is to lose 1 stone (14lbs) in just 30 days. Then your weekly goal is to lose 3.5lbs per week for 4 weeks.


Stage 2*


As with stage 1 you must understand your mind, lifestyle choices and habitual traits. To truly incite transformational change, it is your ability learn and develop on a personal and emotional level that will guarantee life long and sustainable change.

For example:

When stressed or feeling low, what is your emotional response? Is there a pattern and what needs to change?

Internal conversation, do you constantly tell yourself that you’re NOT good enough? Have you previously failed and now struggle with the thought of stepping outside your comfort zone and potentially failing all over again?

Do you hide away and/or struggle with self confidence/self worth?

What has stopped you in the past?

Once again you must be specific, like the art of painting by numbers you need to understand the habitual traits and reasoning for your current circumstance.

You MUST find the emotional tie, the angsts and the trigger points. Because without resolve they will unpin your entire transformation.

For example:

Writing down your goals each day, both short term and long term. This then aligns your mind with your goals/dreams ahead.

Emotions, lets say you had a bad day at work. Perhaps an argument/heated discussion. This will naturally result in negative feelings, but do not allow this to harbour and instead write it all down.

For example:

  1. The problem/circumstance?
  2. Why?
  3. What is the solution?
  4. Will said altercation mean anything in 7 days’ time, come on – REALLY?

Then with the TRUTH above write down your goals again and align your thoughts with your journey ahead.

Or let’s say that you’ve tired losing weight multiple times before, and for whatever reason you failed.

Now instead of just pinning this as a failure, you need to understand that really and most importantly. It is a lesson learnt.

It is NEVER a failure.

  1. What did you try before?
  2. Why did you fail? – (be really specific)
  3. What have you learnt and what can you apply for the future?
  4. Understand that fear is just your safety response and a mental flex to inhibit any potential emotion and/or emotional pain.

Develop, learn and move on.

Stage 3*


You must understand that this is an exact science, to lose weight you must be in a calorie deficit.

You cannot train well and eat poorly and still expect a great result. Forget it. However, you must ensure that the nutrient density of your foods is high and at every meal.

Nutrition is actually very simple, and always it must be tailored to the individual. One size does not fit all.

Remember, you are what you eat. Eat the foods as mother nature intended, above all else portioning is paramount.

Portion Control

Fact: there are no foods that will make you fat.

Neither are there foods that will get you lean, toned, ripped or even muscular for that matter.

It’s all about moderation, energy balance, macronutrient balance and providing the body with what it needs for the intended goal.

For fat loss/health – if you are in any doubt build your meals around these basics:

* 1-2 palm size portions of lean protein (organic if possible)

* 2-3 fist sized portions of vegetables (especially greens)

* 1-2 thumb sized portions of healthy omega fats

* 1-2 palm size portions of complex carbohydrates around your workouts

If you remain consistent, and on task you WILL lose weight and in time, completely transform your body.

So there you have it, other than the exercise and moving more on a daily basis (the easy bit) the process is actually really simple.

Just be mindful that a professional and periodical exercise plan is highly recommended.

Although the secret to all of this, the one thing that deep down you know is truly key. Is just accountability and consistency.

With the right coaching, the right attitude and the right community you too can achieve phenomenal results in a very short space of time.




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