4 Tips For Staying Healthy On Holiday

We all need time to relax and recover, but more often than not a relaxing holiday can turn into a string of “cheat days” before we even know it. Being mindful whilst on vacation can make a huge difference, whilst still giving you the time and freedom to unwind and enjoy the rest of the summer. Lets take a look at 4 quick tips for staying on track whilst on holiday:

1. Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Our personal trainers will also advise that  alcohol should always be enjoyed in moderation; but it’s easy to get drawn in to the party when everyone around you is enjoying their holiday drinks. However, keep in mind that alcohol will have an adverse effect on your hard work so far; slowing down weight loss as your body focuses on metabolising the alcohol in your system as opposed to foods and fats. As we all know, a night on the town can easily lead to stodgy comfort food too! Ideally, keeping off the booze entirely would do wonders, however limiting yourself to a couple of drinks in combination with a good overall diet won’t ruin your fitness plans.

2. Get Your Protein First

Try to get some protein with each meal, which will ultimately make you feel “full” for longer throughout the day. We advise eating a palm-sized portion of protein of some kind; lean meat, fish, eggs, pumpkin, hemp or chia seeds. If you are vegetarian or vegan we would suggest you include a moderate amount of fermented soy foods such as tempeh; no more than 50g per day. Egg whites, protein powder, yogurt and quality protein shakes are good choices too!

3. Don’t Forget To Exercise

Again, it may not be at the top of your list whilst on holiday, but scheduling in a morning workout can be a motivation to get you up and enjoying your holiday days to the fullest. Take in the views with a run or bring along some dumbbells in case of a rainy day. Even taking a walk after dinner will aid with both digestion and pent up stress. You can prep your workout clothes the night before – The less time you spend sifting through your clothes in the morning, the more time you’ll have to get in the zone and get your exercise in.

4. You Guessed It – Drink Plenty of Water!

This one goes without saying. You should be drinking water like it’s going out of fashion, especially if you’re lucky enough to be visiting a hot and sunny destination! Drinking enough water will keep your friendly gut bacteria and liver happy, both essential to keep hormone levels in check. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 2.5 litres every day, more if you are exercising.  Consider starting every day with a healthful beverage consisting of hot water and the juice of a lemon; hydrating, detoxifying with an added vitamin boost. By staying hydrated you are helping to keep your cravings at bay.  It may also help with fat burning by improving digestion thus enabling you to metabolise calories more effectively.

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