Mid-Week Motivation: Five Tips to Keep You Motivated

Losing motivation or finding it difficult to get up for those early workouts is a rut that happens to us all at one point or another. We all have periods where we slip into those “don’t care” mindsets, start eating unhealthy foods again and generally feel like giving up on all the hard work. But don’t worry, with this experience comes a learning opportunity, and we’ve got five simple yet effective tips to get you right back on track:

1 – Start off small again

Even if you really enjoy exercising and working out, there’s bound to be times when you just don’t feel like it. But rather than missing out on a work out session entirely, try coaxing yourself back into the swing of things with something less intense. Jump back into the weights or HIIT when your motivation is high again, instead relax with some yoga – you’ll feel great and you’re still getting a good workout without it feeling like a chore.

2 – Add some variety

Whilst it’s great to have a structured workout schedule, the nature of the beast is that it will eventually get stale and repetitive, which can quickly lead to a slump in your motivation. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s perfectly natural. All it means is that you need to freshen up your regime.

This can be a new meal plan, a new workout outfit or a completely new exercise schedule. Now would be the perfect time to try a new routine you’re curious about!

3 – Motivational Support

It’s important to have someone or a group to keep you in the right mindset. If you’re stuck in a rut, chances are that someone has been in that same rut before and know other tips and tricks to get out of it. That’s why we promote a team mentality at Go-FitUK, so that we can all keep each other motivated and moving forward.

4 – Use your down days as fuel

As we said, off days are inevitable. But they shouldn’t ruin your whole week. In fact, you should use them as a platform to make the rest of your week fantastic. Even if it means taking a day off to rest, rest is still productivity and is an important part of staying healthy.

5 – Tackle what’s important first

It’s easy to let your fitness journey consume you and overtake everything else. But don’t rush. If there’s other important things you need to take care of first, your mind will be much clearer and focused when it comes to workout time. It may be helpful for you to create a daily to-do list and check off your tasks as you go.

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