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4 Awesome Exercises for Abs and Core Strength

Core strength is a vital part of overall fitness, and can be considered as a long-term investment in your health and well being. It will be of benefit to you and your body no matter your age, so there’s really no reason not to work on improving your overall core strength and abs. We have […]

Stepping Up Your Step-Ups

In some cases it can be difficult to see how certain resistance workouts translate to every day life and movement, however that’s not the case with step-ups. After all, most of us have to tackle stairs and steps on a daily basis and they can really rack up over time. But whilst step-ups seem like […]

Don't Make These Resolution Mistakes!

The end of the year is closing in fast, and you may already be tired of hearing all about New Year’s resolutions! But the matter of fact is, the New Year is a fantastic opportunity to start your schedule again fresh, set some new goals and get on track to a happier, healthier lifestyle. However, […]

4 Fantastic Pre-Run Stretches

We can’t stress enough the importance of a good stretch before any exercise – it helps to minimise any risk of injury as your joints, muscles and tendons are warmed up and ready to go. Starting an exercise, like running, without prepping with a stretch can result in some nasty pulls and tears, and nobody […]

4 New Fitness Gadgets to Re-Kindle your Passion for Exercise

As ‘smart accessories’ continue to grow in popularity, we’ve seen some fantastic additions to the world of fitness tech that can add a whole new level of immersion, tracking and excitement to your exercises. Are you ready to get all James Bond with your workouts? Let’s take a look at some of the new amazing […]