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Cardio v Strength Training - What to do first?

We all know a healthy balance of strength and cardio training is needed in any good fitness plan, and you really shouldn’t focus 100% of your workouts on just one aspect. Even someone who runs at a professional level, for example, needs to incorporate a good strength training programme into their routine. But what about […]

5 Ways To Get Motivated To Run

Running can be a staple of people’s fitness regimens, whilst others steer away from running totally. Regardless, it is growing in popularity year on year, and with good reason – it’s versatile and it can be great fun if you approach it in the right way; it’s fantastic for your health and your morale. However, […]

Why Is Sleep So Important?
4 Tips For Staying Healthy On Holiday

We all need time to relax and recover, but more often than not a relaxing holiday can turn into a string of “cheat days” before we even know it. Being mindful whilst on vacation can make a huge difference, whilst still giving you the time and freedom to unwind and enjoy the rest of the […]

What Are The Benefits Of Dark Chocolate?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if one of the most popular sweet treats was also good for us, and it’s a topic that is often debated online. Unfortunately it’s not as simple to say that dark chocolate benefits your health, because there are a lot of different variables to consider. Our personal trainers have delved into […]